Yes. It is true that more and more people have discovered ways to Get Relief from the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

Yes. There are many natural treatment options to consider as possibilities.

Yes. The best Therapeutic options differ drastically from one person to the next. After all – everyone really is a unique individual!

Yes. It is often difficult to sort through the options because there are so many that seem to have helped one person or another.

Yes. Just because an option helped one person does not mean that it will be beneficial to you.

And Yes – You Can Get the Help You Need Now 

After having conducted systematic research for longer than a decade on treatment options and therapies thatRodgers help people find relief from Parkinson’s symptoms, I am familiar with the multitude of possibilities that can be pursued. I am also well aware that no one can pursue all of them. There is not enough time. There is seldom enough money. There is rarely enough energy. Besides, such a strategy is very  unlikely to prove beneficial.

To help those of you who are frustrated and confused about the next best steps to take, I open up the opportunity to sign up for one or more consultations in the fall and the spring of each year. The opportunity to sign up for one or more fall, 2016 consultations is now open. My mission is to help you and your family sort through which options would be the best to pursue now.

No single option exists that will work magic for most people Those who have the best success reversing symptoms usually pursue several options at the same time

“I wanted to thank you for today’s consultation session. You looked at what is going on with my husband from a different perspective which I very much appreciated. It made sense since I know that my husband is very sensitive to energy and with the DBS he is definitely on overload. 

By approaching this from an energetic, physical, and emotional level and my husband’s willingness to take this three-prong approach, I think we have a great shot of getting him on the road to recovery.

Again, Robert, thank you for your insights and help!


Treatment Options for Parkinson’s Disease

What is the best combination of options for you to consider? You can certainly get information on the many options to consider from the information I have posted on my blog and aired on Parkinsons Recovery Radio.

  • Has the search for treatment options overwhelmed you?
  • Is your recovery program stuck in the mud? 

If so, I am happy to offer personal assistance to help you steer a steady course on the road to recovery.  Through a bit of trial and error over the last decade I have discovered that what helps people kick start their recovery are focused, one on one consultations with  me personally. We preview together the factors that might possibly be causing your symptoms and identify the most plausible natural treatment options that offer the best possibility of reversing them.

Keep in mind I am not a medical doctor. I am a researcher – a PhD. If you need assistance with advice on prescription medications and/or surgeries you will need to consult with your medical doctor.

My consultations also come with a terrific bonus: Free lifetime access to my new Online Jump Start to Recovery course – a $150 value in itself.  My intention is to do everything possible to help more and more people reverse the neurological symptoms they currently experience.

Order one or more consultations by clicking on the link below. I will email you with the procedure for setting up an appointment time and ask that you email me a list of questions and issues you would like us to discuss. You will also receive a link to register for free access to the Jump Start to Recovery online Udemy course.

You are invited to register for one or two consultations by clicking on the “add to shopping cart” below.

One Hour Consulting/Coaching Session with Robert Rodgers PhD
Includes Free Lifetime Access to the Online Jump Start to Recovery Course

Two (2) One Hour Consulting/Coaching Sessions with Robert Rodgers PhD
Includes Free Lifetime Access to the Online Jump Start to Recovery Course

Three (3) One Hour Consulting/Coaching Sessions with Robert Rodgers PhD
Includes Free Lifetime Access to the Online Jump Start to Recovery Course

Hi Robert,

Hi Robert,

In the twelve step programs they always say not to stop before the
miracle happens. I felt as if our conversation this morning could be
an important part of that possibility. I really appreciated your
advance preparation in order to maximize the benefit or our time
together and being included in your morning meditation was a blessing.
I will let you know when I connect with a practitioner for both your
suggested healing methods.

Warm regards, Julie

If your need is urgent, I will make every effort to find a spot when someone cancels their appointment. Please e-mail me  with a preferred day and time after processing your consultation order:


My consultation with you provided me perspective on my recovery. It is easy to slip into the perspective that there is no hope of recovery and that our best days are behind us. That is simply not true and I am finding ways every day to continue to make progress on my recovery for my specific situation. The spiritual side of this never came to mid until we spoke.

 Thank you!


Consultations on treatment options for Parkinson’s disease are done using a telephone or Skype.

I am SO glad to have talked to you today. This will be a good start for 2015…finding a new path to better health! You are so full  of wisdom and it was a privilege to tap into it today.

 Much appreciation for your kind, thoughtful, brilliant and valued words which, I am sure, will bring us to better health this year!

God bless, Betty

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Olympia, Washington

16 thoughts on “Consultations”

  1. robert i would like a consultation with you for 30 minutes with you but after i gt the dbs
    in oct 2012 my sprrch became severely impaired and i am not ble to be understod,
    warm regards rene

    1. I would be happy to help whenever the time is right for you Rene.

      May your surgery go smoothly and effortlessly.


      1. I have had PD for almost 16 years. I started seeing a Movement Disorder Specialist and she prescribed sinemet. I have put off takiig this drug .I would like to try the muccanna bean, but have read where f you need to take muccanna with a small dose of sinemet to cross the blood brain barrier

  2. You n your website are doing a great thing. My dad had parkinsons n now at 51 i am noticing some mild shakiness fatigue n some numbness periodically. Want to get better. On a budget n filing bankruptcy and am thinking be dollar wise. Start with a consult n go from there. Thank you. Edward

  3. Have you ever had a patient that took or LDOPA 25/100 1 pill 3 times daily and tremors got worse?Started titration of half pill twice a day for 5 days first. Went to two pills thre times daily and finally slow dosed off of it all together. I am back to my normal tremor before meds. Doctor switched me to neupro and I had the same results. Tremors got worse.. I have tried propranalol.gabipentin,artane,neupro,sinemet,and amantadine with not help for my tremor. I talked to Julia on the radio the other nightt and I was going to try LDN if possible.

    1. Hi Ray:

      These type of questions about prescription medications are best answered by a medical doctor whose specialty is in knowing
      all about them. My expertise as a researcher is in identifying other options for people to consider that offer the possibility of reversing the symptoms.

      Robert Rodgers PhD
      Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

    1. Hi:

      When a person releases the emotional underpinnings of the pain, my experience is that it does show a reversal. Of course,
      there may also be physical factors that also have to be addressed and healed. It is all about healing from the inside out rather than suppressing the symptoms. You are the one in the driver’s seat.


  4. Many thanks for the time we shared in our conversation. As mentioned, I will try to have Nell apply the Coconut Oil on the skin wherever she has exposure – possible several times a day to aid as a chelation.

    As mentioned, here is one YouTube for the St Olaf Choir

    Here one at which you can meet my former “student”, (DMA) Anton Armstrong

    May you be blessed in many ways, including this “clip”

    Very best wishes,

  5. Stephen has had PD for about 8 years. I have tried many different things; he has had a various stem cell treatments and DBS units installed for tremor which have helped. His heart rate has been low in the 40’s so it was recommended that he have a pacemaker installed. They would not do it in the U.S. so I had it done in the Dom. Rep. None of these things are covered by insurance. REcently I had him put in the skilled nursing facility for therapy and they did not do it until today I said this is very expensive for nothing but food and a bed. So they started it today. I do not know what to do for him; he has always tried to exercise and keep healthy. I think the medical establishment in this country with the O’Bama care is cutting off seniors from what is needed.

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